Photo credit. Ivan de Wet, Pictography

Photo credit. Ivan de Wet, Pictography

Hi there!
Thank you for taking an interest in my work!

"Beautiful photography, no compromise!"

I have a problem. A good one. If that's possible. I am in pursuit of the perfect picture, and am driven by it. Every wedding, every lifestyle or couple session, and for every corporate event or function  I want to deliver beautiful photographs, the best. No compromise.



My passion for photography started about 8 years ago, but I had a different day job at the time. I started pursuing my passion of photography full-time since 2014 and I have not looked back! 
I specialize in wedding and family photography, but I thrive in many different aspects of photography. Portraits and headshots of people, and in specific children are my favorite subjects! I also do corporate and event photography, and would love to get into food photography! 



I am married to the most beautiful woman, Juanita, and I have the coolest, handsomest son Lian, and fatherhood is such an amazing privilege and joy! I love my family, and what family entails.

"Joy to the fullest"


Those who know me well can tell that "there is always a time and place for a joke!" in my life, and that is also my outlook on life! Joy to the fullest!
I love Jesus passionately, and I truly hope His Love can be evident in the work that I do! I love to serve passionately!


I definitely grab every opportunity by the horn to travel to a distant country with my family, and therefore the love for Destination Weddings!

"That's me"

I believe my work speaks for itself. 


Let's have a cup of blood contains 70% caffeine!
Best Regards
Wynand van der Merwe