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Wooden Spoon Kitchen & ClemenGold Gin | Product & Food

I have always wanted to do Food Photography. I love food, I love photos about food, and I regularly page through SARIE KOS and Woolworths TASTE magazine. I have mentioned a while ago to Karen from Lovilee that I want to try and do some Food Photography projects and she referred me to Ankie from the Wooden Spoon Kitchen. She is a food blogger, food stylist and hosts cooking classes (Supper Club) at her home. We made contact and she invited me to her Supper Club this past weekend, and it was amazing. 

Inge from ClemenGold Gin was also invited to join with the Supper Club and she had a meeting with Ankie last week Monday, and Ankie said I should join them so that I can do some pretty product photos of the desert and the welcome drink she was going to make for the Supper Club....well Inge actually made the welcome drink but Wooden Spoon Kitchen was the host. The welcome drink was a Gin and Tonic made from ClemenGold Gin, and ClemenGold mandarins slices. You can buy them from Woolworhs Food, but they are unfortunately out of season as of last week...whihc means you will have to wait until next season. 

I really loved photographing the ClemenGold Gin...look at the beautiful packaging and bottle! Such an amazing design.

Here is the photos taken on Ankie's stoep with one flash with softbox.