Wezo & Tammy's love story is live!

Wezo and Tammy

I am a work colleague of Wezo, and it was an absolute pleasure to be entrusted to capture his big day. He is such a warmhearted person, with a driven personality.

When I met Tammy, she completely overwhelmed me with her open heart and authentic personality, and love just oozes out of her heart! Tammy’s dress was made by Diamond Love, in Killarney Mall, and she definitely made a statement with her beautiful red Nine West shoes. Her ring was also made by American Swiss.

I had so much fun capturing their day! We ended up being a bit late…or rather very late for the ceremony, but I am sure all South Africans have some sense of African time…things like these create memories that lasts a lifetime.  

It was a first time to do a wedding at Avianto Wedding Venue on my own, and Enes Kamanga did an awesome job! I have assisted weddings here before, and every time I am back here I get a sense of overwhelming beauty and majesty!