A beautiful birthday with friends | Alida de Bruyn | Linden

A beautiful birthday with friends | Alida de Bruyn | Linden

"Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside." Coco Chanel

Maria and Alida are very dear friends to me and my family and Maria asked me to capture a few photos for her daughter's 17th Birthday party...what a beautiful morning it was! I am actually glad it rained the night before, and the day didn't look so promising in terms of "no rain"...because Maria made up her house so beautifully! Wow, her house is gorgeous and the breakfast she planned for Alida was just gorgeous.

Maria is one of those strong woman who will always encourages you when you have a conversation with her, and it is inspirational to see how beautiful she raised her daughter Alida. Alida is a confident, strong, a beautiful woman and influential amongst her friends. She is completely sold out to Jesus, and the love of Christ oozes out of her! Maria and Alida are those people in life who will lay down their lives for the people around them, and for them it won't even be an effort. They are selfless people, and one thing Maria told me on Saturday was "I am glad the fuss is about Alida today because she has done and have given so much to her friends". I kinda think that we get birthdays so that people can make a fuss about people who will just give and give and give. 

Wow, this day was so special with such special friends. We also had loads of fun during the shoot, and sometimes they didn't even notice I am capturing some quirky moments. 

And they look like models...which made my job super easy. BUT don't be fooled, their hearts definitely outshines what they look like on the outside! 

Enjoy the photos and happy birthday once again Alida!

The last 2 photos is photos with Alida's brother, Clive. :)