Bryan & Sarah | Urban Engagement Shoot | Northcliff Koppie, Gauteng

Bryan & Sarah | Urban Engagement Shoot | Northcliff Koppie, Gauteng

"I swear I couldn't love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow." — Leo Christopher

Sometimes I wonder how some people find me. I mean I don't have a button on my webpage or Facebook which says:"Only beautiful people CLICK HERE!"...but I have gorgeous people as clients! Wow, Bryan and guys are so freakin good lookin' camera almost melted...and coupled with that magical sun up on the Northcliff Koppie...oh my word...magical stuff! 

And they are super cool as well. They are tattoo artists (they work for Fallen Heroes) in the day and cheerleaders at, that sound like they are super heroes...wait...I am not sure exactly how they do it but they are also cheerleaders and they compete regularly overseas. Perhaps they will do a crazy stunt at the wedding...will have to wait and see!

Their crazy beautiful engagement photos were taken at two locations. We started in Parkhurst tourist area and walked the streets. And something out of the ordinary happened. The photos with the champagne wasn't planned at all...we were doing photos in front of Rockets Parkhurst and friends of theirs, who were at the restaurant, gave them each a glass to we had to capture a few shots with the champagne.

Wow, I also just want to give a shout out to a super awesome company, Profoto. I just love their Sunsilver shots at the Cape Dutch building with the light on Sarah's face...that was created while holding the reflector in my left hand!

Their shoot ended at a new location close to Northcliff Koppie in Gauteng. The actual Northcliff Koppie site is closed off for renovations and its inaccessible to the public. The sunset was out of this world, and just loved getting a few shots with Bryan’s Ford Mustang as well!

Enjoy the photos, and please leave some love at the end!