Chris & Marike | Engagement shoot | Maboneng Precinct

Chris & Marike | Engagement shoot | Maboneng Precinct

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Marike told me that Chris’ “baby” is his Suzuki Hyabusa, and “bad-ass” is an understatement. That thing is monstrous. And to photograph his bike against the cool backdrop of Maboneng Precinct was such a joy!

I love stories, and I to tell stories through my photos is even better. Chris and Marike has a very interesting story. Chris is a policeman, and Marike a prosecutor…and many of us have met at church or in a club or coffee shop…but they have met in court. How crazy is that? Yup, love has a strange way of connecting us, and amazingly…we don’t fall in love with each other’s exterior (hmmmn, looks are important, and Marike most probably knocked Chris’ socks off) but we fall in love with what goes on our hearts. They both have tough exteriors….I mean you need one to work as a policeman in South Africa, and I can just imagine how tough you must be to be a prosecutor, yet they have such gentle souls.

I absolutely loved walking the streets with them capturing their love for each other! So beautiful!

Marike, your makeup by Melinda De Wet from Frissk Beauty was just flawless and you really looked beautiful!

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