A family in a splendor of burgundy | Hertford Country Hotel

“Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. Having both is a blessing.” Anonymous

Wow, I love families and the chemistry which every family brings to the table. Farhana asked me to do a family shoot and I decided to take them to the amazing Hertford Country.

With every session I have to think on my feet with regards to managing the family and organising every one for the different shots, and you sometimes have your hands full when somebody do not want to do exactly what you want...ie. children, especially small children...you can't force them to do things! My son is 2 and a half, and I have first hand knowledge of this. My son has a strong will and when he wants something...oh my...he WANTS it. I think many photographers do not do family shoots for exactly this reason...

But not me.

I love families and children and their chemistry too much. They bring so much joy into your life. 

Well long story short, Farhana's youngest one kept me on my toes and I just love all the photos with them. She made me to be very creative with keeping her busy during the shoot, and the result is amazing. I mean, when you are very small (and I see this with my own son) your attention span is super small, especially super late in the afternoon.

Farhana told me later that evening, the kids did pass out in the car just after they left for home from the shoot...shame. 

I loved your shoot and you guys looked amazing!

Venue: Hertford Country Hotel

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