The Geldenhuys Family!

The Geldenhuys Family

If I had to rate the family pictures I take, I would absolutely rate the family portraits of the Geldenhuys family as Gold Status! I just had a ball of a time and boy-oh-boy are they a bunch of beautiful people!

A lot of factors, such as the couch on the lawn, the guitars etc. wasn’t planned, but that is what I love about Photography. Every shoot is different and each shoot has its own set of challenges. I just love it when couples invite me into their home, tells me that I can use their house as if it is mine and then above all be very easy people to work with! I just love everything about this shoot. Liam rocked his little guitar and Arno had special moments with his son. And then Chantelle just cracked herself for any pose I had her do which made every moment special and eternal! 

Shame. Something you won’t realize in the pictures due to some Photoshop work, is that Liam was eaten up by mosquitoes the night before and had an allergic reaction. This made him uncomfortable and edgy, but I am eternally grateful for Chantelle and Arno for being such good and patient parents. They took the shoot in its stride and just relaxed in front of the camera. Awesome stuff, you guys made it easy for me, and I am sure it shows in the results!