Gizelle and Raiden | Matric Farewell | Gold Reef City

Raiden and Gizelle’s matric farewell was such a fun-filled and colourful day! And wow, Gizelle you looked absolutely stunning! And I just loved Raiden’s white suit and they truly complimented each other so well!

My new favourite toy is smoke grenades! I must say, it looks easy using a smoke grenade in the photos, but it gets interesting when the wind doesn’t play along. We did the creative shoot at Gold Reef City and I knew I couldn’t use the smoke grenades over there, so we did the smoke grenade photos at Greenfields Guest House in Alberton, on their little stoep on the roof. And here the wind sort-off twirled in many directions. The one moment its blowing in your face and then next moment it comes from behind…but hey…we got seriously cool results, and luckily we had 2 smoke grenades to play with!

At the end of the day I did a few fashion shots with Gizelle and geapers….she is amazing in front of camera! Just look at the results! I must say my Godox AD200 with softbox helped a lot. I also used my Godox AD200 flash with Magnetmod Grid with 1/2 CTO gel when we did the creative shoot at Gold Reef City!

Gizelle’s makeup was done by Pretty Little Things!

Enjoy the photos and please leave a comment at the end!