Jan-Peet & Nadine | Wedding | Bell Amour | Pretoria

Jan-Peet & Nadine | Wedding | Bell Amour | Pretoria

We love because it's the only true adventure. Nikki Giovanni

What an adventure this day has been!

Jan-Peet (JP) & Nadine's wedding at Bell Amour Wedding Venue was one for the books! And they both looked smashing...just look at Nadine's dress. I could not believe when Nadine told me her dress made by one of the bridesmaid's moms...I thought it was a super duper designer dress! 

JP works in the Film Industry and I remember him saying to me that he has a special look in mind with regards to his photos...so I knew the game was on. I had to step up my game...thats how it goes in this industry. You feel the pressure on your skin because you know we look at images differently than the non-photographers...

Jan-Peet is a super clever creative soul...I mean his wife describes him as a mix between a hippy and an auditor...quite funny, but true. He had this crazy huge beard when we met last year and Nadine has the following to say about her husband: "He relishes adventure, mystery and passion filled lifestyle. He gives without expecting back and cares intensely for the people he loves". Nadine on the other hand is: "a soft and a gentle soul who loves animals, friends and family" as she would put it. She has this grace about her, and absolutely gorgeous...just a joy to photograph her. Together they are such a cool and confident couple, and the love just oozes out of them. I enjoyed them greatly! And oh my word they make great photos. I didn't know how they would be and react in front of my camera as Nadine's best friend did their engagement photos, but they were such naturals...I am sure they have this before. :)

The decor was super simplistic and elegant, with magenta as the main color with a lot of greens. The Love Knot did the amazing flowers on the tables and in the chapel, and beautiful signs in the chapel and above the main table were made by the venue! The centre pieces, with the white "trees" was done by JP and Nadine, and Nadine made the origami herself. They spent roughly 18 months planning this amazing wedding! 

Much can be said about the day, how much love and laughter happened, but I think the pictures will do it more justice!

Here is a list of other suppliers who were involved: 

Makeup: MornĂ© Marx & Hair & Makeup: Nanna Castmar-Jensen (one of the bridesmaids)

Cake, Cupcakes and Cake Pops: L's Creations

DJ and sound: Dj Kings

Nadine's shoes: Aldo & JP's shoes: Markhams

JP's and the groomsmen's suits: Civic Tailors and Outfitters, Bloemfontein

Nadine's ring: Von Wielligh and JP wooden inlay ring: VA Tungsten  

Gowns:    Thashreya's clothing & Groomsmen boutonnieres: Iniek

Enjoy the photos and please leave a comment at the end!