Justin & Gen - God's perfect painting {Wedding, Highway Church}

“Love must be as much a light as it is a flame.” —Henry David Thoreau, author and poet

Justin and I travelled the world together in 2012 for a whole year as part of Global Challenge Expeditions, which is where our story started. It is such an honour and adventure to have served and worshipped the Lord Jesus in 10 different countries....Amazing memories! We have stayed friends since then and it was a few years later that I met Genevieve. And last year I had the privilege of capturing their actual engagement....priceless!

Since the sneak peak, I have been wanting to post Justin & Genevieve's wedding photos so badly! As a wedding photographer you get faced with incredible challenges and one of the biggest challenges is when the wedding doesn't look like the ones you are used to. BUT this allows for some serious out-of-the-box-thinking!

The place, at which we planned to do the couple shoot, didn't allow us to go in late in the afternoon. The wedding ceremony happened at the Church where the ceremony was being held. Most of the decor was done by the couple and their friends, which meant it wasn't completed when I needed to shoot the decor, and it was done outdoors (the light isn't favourable at 12am)...so huge challenges might be un understatement. The amazing thing about all of this is, if the results look this good, either I am super amazing as a photographer or God had intervened. I am good, not wait...I am great at what I do....but I also believe that God intervened.

I prepared myself for a smallish wedding, but in fact it was huge! Genevieve is definitely one of the most beautiful brides I have ever captured. The location I found for the couple shoot, was IMPECCABLE! The decor was great, and the venue was amazing...just loved the outdoor reception area under cool lights and those doors! The car they organised was out-of-this-world...I can go on and on...but all I want to say is..."I am lucky to have such beautiful and cool clients...and they made me look good!"

So, yes, God had intervened...God's perfect painting is and was about two amazing individuals becoming ONE! Their painting is surely not done, and I was privileged to have seen a glimpse of it! 

One of the most adorable moments during the wedding was how the flower girls wanted to be in EVERY picture, and how they couldn't understand that the days was not about them...they wanted to dress Genevieve, they tried putting on her shoes, they wanted to do her hair and make-up...I am glad they didn't do Gen's make-up and hair...but they were super cute. 

Other suppliers who made this day possible!

Venue & Church: Highway Church, Centurion

Make-up: Make up & Microblading by Miriska (this lady is amazing!)

Wedding Gown: Genevieve's mom

Bridesmaid's dresses: Glitter and Glamour Creations

Hair: Genevieve did her own hair

Justin's suit: Oriental Plaza

Flowers: The Flower Market

Enjoy the pictures and please leave a comment at the end!