The Malston Family | Lifestyle session | Gauteng

“It didn’t matter how big our house was; it mattered that there was love in it.” Peter Buffett

I must admit, I havent done many lifestyle shoots before. I have been doing location shoots and I haven't focused on doing shoots at my client's houses...and wow...I love it. A big part of my inspiration for photography, in the days I started out, was I loved how photography tells a story. "A picture speaks a thousand words" they say...and I remember how I would travel to places or a country and I always tried taking photos (street photography) where I would place a person or a subject in their own environment. By going to someone's home you automatically photograph them in their own environment. That is the place where they live, laugh, cry, sleep, eat...amazing! 

Tracey's sister, Jacqui, bought one of my lifestyle photography vouchers last year for Tracey's birthday. Tracey and Byron (her husband) has a 1 year old boy (the cutest little boy) and they wanted me to capture a little bit of their lives at their home. I absolutely loved it! They has a cozy little home, and I just felt the love when I walked in there. This little boy is loved to bits, and it was great to see it. Their little boy is also a poser and he definitely makes me look good...I mean...just check out the way he looks at the camera...! 

Enjoy the pictures and please leave a comment at the end!