Nicolas & Greer | E-session | Llandudno & Clifton Beach

Nicolas & Greer | E-session | Llandudno & Clifton Beach

A great flame follows a little spark - Dante Alighieri

Wow, I have always wanted to do an engagement shoot at one of the beaches in Cape Town, and I got to do Nicolas & Greer's session at two of the most famous and beautiful beaches, Llandudno & Clifton Beach. We did the shoot at 6am in the morning, and the light was magical!

I got to know Greer from a recent corporate shoot I did in Johannesburg, and she said she will be in Cape Town and she said she wanted to do an engagement shoot. I obviously jumped at the occasion and said I will gladly do your session...and wow...they are just magical! I had a blast. The weather was perfect at 6am and we had Llandudno and Clifton Beach all to ourselves. I always liked the quality of light early in the morning especially just before sunrise, but wow...the light was out of this world. I will definitely recommend doing a morning shoot at Llandudno. When the sunrays enter the beach at around 6:30am...magic happens!

Nicolas and Greer are such down-to-earth people, and easy to photograph...made my job super easy...and they are just gorgeous...I can almost print every photo on Vogue's front cover!

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