Teaser. Enchanted forest engagement | Chantelle & Kyle | Johannesburg

Teaser. Enchanted forest engagement | Chantelle & Kyle | Johannesburg

The words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels. Hazrat Inayat Khan

I am absolutely delighted to share a few photos from Chantelle & Kyle's engagement shoot at Bryanston Pine Forest.

We have had seriously cold weather these past few days, and Saturday was most probably the climax, and I almost cancelled due to the weather, but I am so glad we didn't cancel. The afternoon was a little warmer though, and I actually loved the eerie weather in the end...helped with the theme for the shoot!

Chantelle is working in the creative industry as a freelance designer and art director, and she wanted a fairytale type shoot. She also said she loves dramatic and colorful makeup, and Shelley from Butterfly Blush did such an amazing job doing her make-up! She and her fairy prince looked smashing!

I have bought a plastic tube and a flashlight and I want to start doing #Tubestories. Go check out this link: EricPare. So the last photo was done with that tube, but we tried doing the photo while it was still dusk so the light was too much...we ended improvising and we played around a bit...looks like Chantelle has a hat on with that shot! Next time I will attempt the photo in complete darkness!