The Van Wyk Family | Lifestyle Session | Pretoria

The Van Wyk Family | Lifestyle Session | Pretoria

“It didn’t matter how big our house was; it mattered that there was love in it.” Peter Buffett

I captured family photos for Deon & Lize, and their extended family, during the December holidays, and Lize was pregnant at the time. Her little boy was born in the mean time, and he is so adorable! Wilhelm, just loves his little brother.

So being a father of 2 kids myself I know exactly how blessed they are to have another little human in their home...well...home is technically in Zambia for now because Deon has a job as an engineer on a mine and they live and work as expats in Zambia. Lize is visiting because her mom can help with the kids, and Deon came to SA for Lize's 30th birthday...oh yes and also for the kids. 

I didn't plan to have their wedding album in the photos, but the album was lying on the table and I just had to include the album in some of the photos. Christine Meintijes took their photos, and it makes one think how far they have come from being married to having 2 kids in the home. 

The photo Deon is holding in the last photos is Lize's Granddad (so Wilhelm's Great Granddad). He had South African colors in boxing, so it was fun creating a photo with Deon and Wilhelm posing as boxers, paying a tribute to Lize's Granddad. A story in a it! 

They are renting out their home in South Africa so we did the photos at Lize's mom's home in Menlopark, Pretoria.