Wicus & Liesl | Engagement shoot | Shepstone Gardens

Wicus & Liesl | Engagement shoot | Shepstone Gardens

The most important thing in the world is family and love. John Wooden

Wow, I really love how Wicus and Liesl's engagement shoot turned out! They are sweet and down-to-earth people, and I dont like those Facebook groups for newly engaged couples (Yes, I know I comment on them...but I keep hoping that someone will see me there)...but I found Liesl one of those groups. I also met them in person at Tertius and Monique's wedding, and they became my clients! Yeah for weddings and meeting new clients! 

In any case, we did their shoot at the impressive Shepstone Gardens and I loved every minute of it! I just loved Liesl's stunning red dress!

I am looking forward to capturing their wedding later this year!

Enjoy their photos and please leave a comment at the end!