Wicus and Liesl | Wedding | Tutuwedzo Lodge

Wicus and Liesl | Wedding | Tutuwedzo Lodge, Gauteng

“There is no friendship, no love, like that of the parent for the child.”-Henry Ward Beecher

Wicus and Liesl's wedding at Tutuwedzo Lodge

Wicus and Liesl’s amazing wedding was held at the Deck at Tutuwedzo Lodge. I have shot weddings at amazing places before but this might be up there as one of the most beautiful. The reception was held under the most beautiful lit tree, with a rustic bar area around the base of the tree. It was a huge risk having the wedding outside, but what a reward when the risk paid off!

I think I have mentioned a few times on my blogs and feeds that I really love kids at weddings. I have 2 kids and I can’t imagine my life without my kids. Kids at weddings is such a huge joy for me, and really love adding their unique perspective to a wedding. They bring such innocence, joy and laughter and they almost always don’t know what is going on around them…I mean they don’t even someone is getting married. It was a first for me to have the wedding couple’s son as part of the wedding.

My highlight for the day was when Liesl walked down the aisle towards her soon-to-be-husband Wicus, and he had his son in his arms…Wow…what powerful a moment! I even got teary as well!

And these people know how to party! I always say that your brain is programmed to remember emotions (how you felt). You rarely remember in detail things that you see, unless you have a photographic memory. Thats why you need photo prints, albums and videos to remind you of how you felt. So its important at weddings to have amazing catering, music and spontaneous moments during the photo sessions. So when you have a killer party, you are sure to remember you had a super wedding….and Wicus and Liesl surely had a crazy cool party! The food, which was outdoor carts and tables with almost street food was super tasty! I just loved the Mexican taco stand where you could build your own taco…yum yum!

One very tearful moment at the wedding was when they paid tribute to Wicus’ sister who had passed away a few years ago….she would have been very proud to have seen Wicus and Liesl tying the knot!

Enough said about this beautiful wedding.

Some of the suppliers who made the day possible.

Wedding gown: Chiqwawa | Liesl’s jewellery: Wicus’ mom’s jewellery | Makeup and hair: Unmissable | DJ: Jaycee | Venue and food: Tutuwedzo Lodge | Wicus’ suit: Eurosuit | Watch: Rolex (gift from Wicus’ parents) | Videography: Tintype Productions

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