Zander & Mariska | Wedding | Memoire Wedding Venue

Zander & Mariska | Wedding | Memoire Wedding Venue

“Words are not enough to express the unconditional love that exists between a mother and a daughter.” – Caitlin Houston

What an emotional and special wedding at MEMOIRE. Zander and Mariska, thank you for allowing me to capture your wedding love story, to be cherished forever! Wow, Mariska, you looked absolutely gorgeous in your wedding dress made by Mubarak from the Goodluck Bridal. Fafa from FDK Styling made sure all the girls’ makeup looks amazing and Armon from Bridal by Armon did magic with their hair! Thank you for getting the girls done on time, and also the laughs and for keeping Mariska sane! Mariska really appreciated you guys!

There were many highlights for me during the day. First one, they didn’t have a wedding cake but instead a Pinata, made by Pinata Africa. I love the photos from when they “murdered” the pinata, and I also love their reactions afterwards…it almost looked like they got to let off some steam from the wedding! 

The biggest highlight for me was Mariska’s mom. She has dementia, which means she doesn’t really understand what is going on around her. So a few minutes before Mariska needed to get in the wedding car (a supercool Chevrolet called Johanna) to go meet her prince-charming, she greeted her mom and due to her mom’s illness, she didn’t understood what was playing off in front of her...her daughter is almost getting married. Mariska told me that her mom thinks she got invited to a birthday party. I could see what it meant for Mariska to have her mom there and how it touched her heart to be able to share this with her mom, but also it broke her heart because her mom doesn’t understand. I captured a moment when her bridesmaids took a moment to pray with her alone to give her the strength to enjoy the day with her loved ones but also with her mom. There was another moment right after they said their “I-do”s when they spoke with her mom and for a glimpse it seemed she understood and that she was proud of her daughter and new son-in-law. The amazing thing about a photo is that it’s eternal, a moment captured to be cherished forever!


I love REAL moments at weddings! I really pray Mariska that you will remember your mom as the woman she once was and that you will believe your mom understood in that moment what was going on when you spoke to her at the wedding (even if she didn’t).

Great, now less words more photos. The day was truly amazing, and we had loads of fun. Enjoy the photos. 

Thank you Lechien for second shooting for me! Was lovely having you with me!

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