This is me!


Hi there!

I am Wynand and I am a Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa, available for weddings nationwide.


My passion for photography started in 2005 while photographing children in Swaziland. I was privileged to capture a friend’s wedding in Israel in 2011, which ignited a flame for wedding photography. Since then I have captured weddings all over South Africa, and in 2014 I embarked on this remarkable journey of being a full-time wedding photographer. My passion for people and their stories, fueled by hard work and dedication, have made me the photographer I am today.

I love capturing moments that are spontaneous and real, moments that nobody really sees, moments that reflect true love, passion and joy.

I have a documentary, yet artistic style of photography and I capture every wedding from a unique perspective. I aim to give memories to my clients that they have never seen before, especially the sparkler photos. And no, those photos weren't painted with a brush in Photoshop, but rather by me running around my clients painting the sky with a sparkler. This usually amounts to a lot of laughter! My clients have all been astounded by the end result.

"Beautiful photography, no compromise!"

I have a problem. A good one. If that's possible. I am in pursuit of the perfect picture, and am driven by it. Every wedding, every lifestyle or couple session, and for every corporate event or function I want to deliver beautiful photographs, the best. No compromise.

I specialize in wedding and family photography, but I thrive in many different aspects of photography. Portraits and headshots of people, and in specific children are my favorite subjects! I also do corporate and event photography, and would love to get into food photography!
It is my privilege to capture someone’s fairy tale, the day you start your ultimate life adventure with your true love.

I capture real moments with mind-blowing images.


I am married to the most beautiful woman, Juanita. I have 2 kiddos, Lian and Ilè, and they are my best friends! Fatherhood is such an amazing privilege and joy! I love my family, and what family entails.

"Joy to the fullest"

Those who know me well can tell that "there is always a time and place for a joke!" in my life, and that is also my outlook on life! Joy to the fullest!

I love Jesus passionately, and I truly hope His Love can be evident in the work that I do! I love to serve passionately!


I definitely grab every opportunity by the horn to travel to a distant country with my family, and therefore the love for Destination Weddings!

"That's me"

I believe my work speaks for itself.


Let's have a cup of blood contains 70% caffeine!

Best Regards

Wynand van der Merwe

Photo credit. Leandrie Du Plessis Photography

Photo credit. Leandrie Du Plessis Photography