Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography at Orchards KZN
I love stories. Stories define we as humans, and we have been hearing stories all throughout our lives.
A photo freezes a moment in time, and a photo speaks a thousand words.
I love to capture moments that are real, moments that reflect true love, passion and joy.
People look so much prettier when they are spontaneous and natural, and this paired with
mind-blowing images = timeless magic!
I believe in giving a 110% on your wedding day while having the time of my life!
I am so privileged to do what I love, and I get to share in the most amazing and special day of people's lives!

Destination Weddings

Did I tell you my heart jumps with joy when you mention the word "Do you Travel?"!
Please don't hesitate to ask for a custom quote for your destination wedding! One of my first weddings was done in Israel...!
I do NOT charge travel for Gauteng weddings. Destination weddings, travel and accommodation will be charged for depending on the location.

Recent Weddings!

Luxury Wedding Albums

Your wedding photos showcased in

one of these albums, makes your

wedding photos go from amazing to mind-blowing!



Here is an example of an actual Wedding Album.

Luxury Guest Albums 

30 pages (15 spreads)

To capture special memories from guests at the wedding is amazing, and most people do this differently. I offer Luxury Guest Albums, which I design using your engagement photos, and I make sure to leave spaces for people to write messages! I design the album that it looks similar to your wedding album, so that the two albums compliment each other when you display them on your coffee table.

The front cover options:

  1. Beautiful design with the words "Guest Album" and your name
  2. Leather (Black or Brown)
  3. Canvas (Grey or White)


Here is an example of an actual Guest Album.


Here is an another example of an actual Guest Album. I have included the different cover designs I had offered to my client. 

Please get in contact for prices!

Family Albums

I also do family albums. Please get in contact for a pricelist!

Destination weddings


I freak out when someone mentions the word “TRAVEL”. I have been privileged to have covered weddings in places such as India, Israel and Mozambique. I remember clearly the wedding I did in Mozambique, where I frequently pinched myself to check if this was really happening...its such a privilege and honor to be doing what two things that I love dearly: Taking pictures and travel! (These images were taken on the wedding day.)

Inhambane, Mozambique


I am story teller and I tell stories before the wedding (engagement shoot), during the wedding and after the wedding (Trash-the-Dress or Rock-the-Dress). I was privileged to do a Trash-the-dress the day after the wedding, but capturing the bride and groom in the waves at 7am in the morning. It was one of the best experiences of my life! 

A wedding tip: You do not HAVE to "Trash" your expensive wedding dress, but rather buy a white cocktail dress, which moves around easier in the waves and currents. It will look like your dress and will cheaper to clean at the end of the day....or you can do the shoot with your wedding dress, which will look out of this world!

I would love to do this for your wedding, so please do get in contact for a quote! 

Goa, India

Photo Fun Booth

What happens when you mix A Photobooth



SUPER AMOUNTS OF FUN! Click on the videos below!