Ivan & Maryke's love story begins here!

I am looking forward to the wedding of this amazingly beautiful couple!

Maryke and Ivan blossomed in front of the camera and I thoroughly enjoyed capturing their funky engagement shoot. Maryke's mom works at Roedean School South Africa and she organised that we can have the shoot at the school, which is such a beautiful venue. The gorgeous historic buildings, the lawns, the view of the Johannesburg General Hospital chimney in the background, and the majestic gardens makes this a stunning venue. The school was opened in 1903 and there is a lot of heritage here, and I believe that it meant a lot to Maryke to do this shoot at the school.

I definitely take my hat off for Maryke, because she had food poisoning or something on the day. Every 20min she had to go to the bathroom, and she still smiled and looked so beautifully. And Ivan looked great as well. It's always a challenge to capture photos of a photographer, which meant that I had to up my game. The amazing reality of this is it shows in the pictures! I believe this shoot came out amazing and that they will have a good taste of the pictures to come at their wedding day!

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