Patio Inspiration - Karen Kelly from Lovilee - Styled Shoot

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Styled Shoot

What I recently realized was the fact that Karen Kelly (Lovilee) and I attend the same church. So I met up with her, had a great coffee at The Whippet in Linden (Oh I love this place) and we just talked on how we can start a journey together as creatives. So what happened is that she asked me to do a mini styled shoot of her patio in exchange for a listing space on her blog, and the rest was history! Amazing. I just love it when we as creatives can work together and assist each other. 

Please see the before-photos at the following link:

And the pictures just came out "Lovilee"! (pardon the pun, and I am sure Karen is used to all the sarcasm by now)

And it is featured on Lovilee...yeah! feeling super stoked and proud! Here is the post!

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Location: Karen's house

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