Stephen & Gena's urban e-session

Wynandvandermerwegena stephen urban engagement shoot maboneng johannesburg38.jpg

Wow. This was a super fun shoot. We got to go to the inner city of Johannesburg to do an urban shoot, and Stephen & Gena just rocked! They looked absolutely exquisite, and I just love the way that they contrasted with the surroundings...amazing!

I had a bit of a laugh with Stephen because he was very stiff and on his nerves, and I had to train him in front of the camera. The greatest moment for me was when we were almost at the end of the shoot Gena said: "Wow, I have never seen Stephen smile this much". Thanks for the compliment.

I so wish I was going to take their wedding pictures, which I am not. They already have a photographer booked, but I can just imagine how wonderful their weddings pics are going to be!

We had an interesting moment though during the shoot. My camera was almost nabbed. There was a guy who came up to me and asked that I take a picture of him, but while his buddy was behind me looking for an opportunity to nab my camera (I didn't know this, Gena told me afterwards). Gena went into a praying frenzy and her faith got us out of that situation. The 2 guys left us but our nerves only really settled once we left the area after the shoot.

A big thank you to Fourways Flower Market at Pineslopes, JHB, for the bouquet of flowers!

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