Enchanted forest engagement | Chantelle & Kyle | Johannesburg

Enchanted forest engagement | Chantelle & Kyle | Johannesburg

The words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels. Hazrat Inayat Khan

I just love it when clients trust me to do something a little different. Chantelle is working in the creative industry as a freelance designer and art director, and she wanted a fairytale type shoot. She told me that has this vintage dress she wanted to wear which in fact was used as a wedding dress by several weddings in her family. This dress later on became a costume for dress up parties, and I believe she looked amazing in this dress. Chantelle really looked like a fairy princess in that dress, and Kyle looked great as well. We started the shoot with Chantelle in a midi dress, and ended with the vintage wedding dress. 

She also said she loves dramatic and colorful makeup, and Shelley from Butterfly Blush did such an amazing job doing her make-up. 

It was the first time I arranged for the make-up to be done at my home, and it worked out quite well. Bryanston Pine Forest don't have a place or venue to get dressed or do make-up, so it just made sense to do it at my home.  

I have bought a plastic tube (or fluorescent tube protector) and a flashlight and I want to start doing #Tubestories. Go check out this link: EricPare...this guy is insanely good. I showed the tube to Kyle and he said, why don't you try this on us? I was like...good idea! It didn't work out completely as I would have hoped, because you need complete darkness to achieve a great shot, but we got to play around a bit. That is what is great when you have people who trusts you...you can test new ideas on them as models, and they really enjoyed it. 

We had some of the coldest weather this year in November...super weird. I mean we had 50cm of snow in some parts of South Africa, and firstly it doesn't really snow here and secondly we had some serious snow. So the morning of the shoot I almost cancelled due to the weather being so cold, but I am so glad we didn't. The afternoon was a little warmer, and I actually loved the eerie weather in the end...helped with the theme for the shoot!

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