Cute little Jessica | Family shoot | Morningside Park, JHB

Cute little Jessica | Family shoot | Morningside Park, JHB

For you see, each day I love you more. Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. Rosemonde Gerard

My wife (Juanita) is going a baby gym class for moms which was during and after her pregnancy with my daughter Ilé. Lauren is also going with her daughter Jessica, and they got to know each other and my wife had shown the pictures I had done of Ilé in her first month to Lauren, and she said to my wife that she really wanted to do a shoot with just love get really amazing clients.

Lauren mentioned they know this amazing little park in Morningside, close to her mom's house, that we can use as the location, and what a GEM! Its next to the river, lots of rocks and trees and its really well looked after. A few residents, which stay in the vacinity of the park, has a key to the gate and if you want to make use of the park,  you need to make a small donation towards the upkeep of the park...really amazing! 

Peter and Lauren, you little princess is so adorable! Lots of blessings, and hopefully you will have great nights of sleep ahead! 

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