George & Charlene | Engagement shoot | Toadbury Hall

George & Charlene | Engagement shoot | Toadbury Hall

Some people are worth melting for - Olaf

It was raining quite a bit the past few days and I mentioned to Charlene that we can continue with their engagement shoot if there is a little rain, but if it rains quite hard, then we might not do the shoot…but she said…” No I don’t mind a little rain!”. AWESOME.

We as photographers LOVE rain photos. I mean I know its not too much fun when you get soaked and you need to survive for a day being super wet, but getting wet for an hour is fun, right? Well, I think so, and I know the photos normally ROCK when it rains.

Funny enough…the rain kinda stopped when we did the shoot at Toadbury Hall, and I was a little disappointed because I prepped for some serious rain. I placed my off-camera flashes in plastic bags, I had an umbrella and I had a big plastic bag for my camera…and I wanted a shot with lots and lots of rain…and we got a few shots with little rain…but hey…we can’t complain for not getting soaked! We had blue skies and sun at some point…and air was so beautiful and clean….yup…a blessing in disguise!

George and Charlene are getting married at Galagos Wedding venue later this year, and they are the first two getting married in the Nel family. I recently posted an engagement shoot of Rohan and Neruschke…well Rohan and Charlene are siblings and they are both getting married this year, one month apart…and I am privileged to capture both their weddings. :)

Charlene, your make-up looked amazing and that dress from Cocoberry was absolutely divine!

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