Nabeel & Jenalea | Wedding | Summerplace Hyde Park

Nabeel & Jenalea | Wedding | Summerplace Hyde Park

Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit. Khalil Gibran

It’s amazing how things work out. You can plan, plan, and plan and then on the day things can go this way or that way…especially when it comes to the weather. Nabeel and Jenalea had their Muslim wedding at the amazing Summerplace, Hyde Park, and they really wanted to have the ceremony part of the wedding outside on the grass. So when the day started the forecast for rain was 60% with threatening thudershowers…I mean a little rain is not bad, but pouring rain is something else. Shame, the stress coupled to this one fact made the day a bit long for Nabeel’s mom, Rooksana. They were even at one point setting up the ceremony upstairs (inside the venue), but Rooksana really wanted to have the ceremony outside. I remember how she walked around asking everybody what they would have done…and I can’t take credit for her decision, but I remember I told her that “imagine if you had held the ceremony inside and it didn’t rain, would you have forgiven yourself? Take the risk and have it outside, if it rains, then we can move inside…” Risky stuff, but she eventually decided to have the ceremony outside, and it really paid off! The funny thing was, the Imam was sort-off rushing his message and he knew the clouds were getting heavy, and 5-10 minutes after the ceremony the rain literally poured down! Well done Rooksana on making a really tough decision…Nabeel & Jenalea will remember it forever!

What a day.

Nabeel and Jenalea, you both looked amazing, and I absolutely loved capturing your wedding. The colours, the people….And the food…oh my word…Unusual Functions, the food was out of the world!

I also loved the magic between them. This was their “Part 2” of their wedding celebrations (Part 1 was their white wedding, which happened a week before this wedding and I wasn’t the photographer), and the fact that they were super chilled was evident…even the rain didn’t deter their spirits! The ceremony started quite late, so they got ready and we did the couple shoot before the guests arrived. We it started raining after the ceremony, I begged them to do a shoot in the rain, so we did a short shoot upstairs in the venue, and on the stoep to get shots of them in the rain. I am soooo glad they trusted me to create really striking and creative portraits and I hope this will speak of the true emotions and happenings of the day!

The team who made this day possible.

Venue: Summerplace Hyde Park | Makeup: Clarissa Gess Makeup and Beauty (I really LOVED her makeup) | Hair: Monique Booysen | Food and decor: Unusual Functions | DJ: Muzicorp

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