Janke & Ilé | Mom's Wedding Dress Shoot | Hertford Country Hotel

Janke & Ilé | Mom's Wedding Dress Shoot | Hertford Country Hotel

We believe selecting a wedding dress is more than just a fitting, it’s a process – a memory in the making. Olivelli Cape Town

My wife Juanita have been wanting to do this shoot for almost five years now. Her twin sister Zinette's daughter (Janke) is 5 years old and my wife have been wanting to arrange a photoshoot where Janke would pose in her mom's wedding dress, and fantasy became reality when my daughter was born...my wife knew her dream would come true, so she started to plan this photoshoot: Janke will wear her mom's wedding dress, and Ilé will sleep or lie on her mom Juanita's wedding dress. 

Wow, I love the result....it is "OUT OF THIS WORLD!"

My wife made the flower crowns herself. She bought the flowers and the wire and tape necessary to make the crowns and watched a youtube video for instructions. Amazing. 

The beautiful Glitter Sequins Hanger in Silver is from The Lovilee Shop

Venue: Hertford Country Hotel

Zinette's wedding photos was done by the talented Christiaan David Photography and Janke is holding the album he made for them for their wedding! So special!

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