Simone & Riley | Family Photography | Cape Agulhas Lighthouse, Western Cape

Simone & Riley | Family Photography | Cape Agulhas Lighthouse, Western Cape

“A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give" Laurel Atherton

I had an amazing time with Simone and her daughter Riley. Riley is a serious busy-body, and she made the shoot very interesting...let's just say we couldn't really do what we wanted but more like what she wanted...she is super cute though! I just love kids and she reminded me of my son Lian. Very strong minded and not afraid what the world throws at them!

The following photo sums up the day. The one moment she is happy, and the next she makes a u-turn and runs the other way...Simone's face is priceless!

I had a shoot with Simone last year, and it was good catching up with her. Riley was almost 1 year old last year during our shoot and now almost so many things happen in one year!

We did the shoot at the beautiful Sanparks Cape Agulhas Lighthouse, the most southernly lighthouse in Africa (amazing), and also the place where Simone and her husband Tyron did their wedding photos (I didn't know this, she told me when we were doing the photos). 

We had amazing weather this holiday season thus far and we had just a little wind during the shoot ...I didn't plan for the wind but the crazy shots of the girls and their hair are super cool!

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