Rynhard & Jeannie | Wedding | Northam, Limpopo

Rynhard & Jeannie | Wedding | Northam, Limpopo

"You'll be in my heart
Yes, you'll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more" Phil Collins

I just love destination weddings, and I love story telling but what I love more is the people I get to meet. I had such an amazing time photographing Rynhard and Jeannie's wedding on a friend's farm called Brosdoring Farm in Northam, Limpopo. The Farm has a very large Brosdoring (Brittle Thorn) tree on the farm, and we took some photos in the last sun at this beautiful tree. 

We had serious rain all over South Africa during the week of their wedding, and I thought we are going to take photos during the rain, but it had cleared for their day. What had happened was that the soil turned dark red (which I liked) but also muddy...so it was quite a challenge to keep Jeannie's dress clean....so with some photos you can see the mud on Jeannie's bum...but hey...it gives the photos character! 

Jeannie got the best deal out of this marriage...she not only got Rynhard but his kids as well! I just love the dress photos with their kids Lané and Luan and Lané looked amazing in her soon-to-be mom's dress!

I won't get tattoo myself, but OH BOY...I love how tattoos photograph and how it adds character to a photo. Jeannie is a creative at heart, and I just love how a tattoo tells a story. I mean you don't just get a tattoo...there is a reason. So what I normally do when I have clients with tattoos then I try to frame the tattoo as the "main attraction" in the shot because then the photos become super exciting and interesting! 

Jeannie bought her dress on an overseas website, and her shoes were from JET. Rynhard bought his shoes at BATA and his suspenders were from Kaalvoet Kind Ontwerp. Jeannie has her own hair and make-up company so she did her own hair and make-up, and her friend Tanya Hallatt helped with her eye liner. Rynhard and Jeannie did most of the decor elements themselves but the donuts were from Krispy Krem

Well, enough said...enjoy the photos and please leave a comment at the end!