Timothy & Jehdene | Engagement session | Northcliff

Timothy & Jehdene | Engagement session | Northcliff 

The heavens declare the glory of God;
    the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Ps19:1

What a day. Jehdene wanted to go to Northcliff to get a sunset photo, which was fine, but when the day arrived there was rain forecasted. So after a few conversations we almost cancelled the shoot, and postponed to another day, but luckily we didn't. Jehdene asked God for an amazing sunset and just look at it! One of the prettiest sunsets I have seen in Johannesburg!

Timothy & Jehdene are getting married later this month and I had the most incredible time capturing special memories for them for their engagement shoot

I am a story teller and I love to be a photojournalist at a shoot at parties, weddings etc. So at heart I believe in telling authentic stories, because amazingly you almost never remember what you looked like 50 years from now, but you remember what you felt like. We need photographs to remind us what we looked like. So if we were fake in front of the camera, that is what you will remember. So I try my utmost best to create natural and authentic moments in front of the camera...so in essence I try to capture what you felt like (totally in love but also a little scared (I mean you are getting married)).

Oke right. Jehdene told me that she plays the Saxophone so I asked her to bring it along on the shoot...and wow....I am in love with the Saxophone shots...and mostly because its very personal for her! 

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