Teaser! Tyronne & Romandi | Wedding | Sodwana Bay, KZN

Teaser! Tyronne & Romandi | Wedding | Sodwana Bay, KZN

"I am proud of you when you are proud of yourself...and you can be super proud, Romandi...your wedding is amazing!" Romandi's stepdad, Bertus, at the wedding

Wow, the wedding this past weekend was soooo special and I will remember it for many years to come. I get emotional at weddings, but I rarely shed a tear, but when Romandi's stepdad gave a speech with his daughter at his side and when he said her dad would have been proud of her....oh wow...my heart crumbled.

Romandi's dad passed away 21 years ago at Sodwana Bay and she wanted to commemorate him by having her wedding at Sodwana Bay with close family and friends. Romandi made almost all the details herself, and she made sure there were little details of her dad in the details...she made her own flower bouquet with a protea flower (which were her dad's favourite flower) and she added a locket with her dad's photo around the stems of the flowers. 

Tyronne and Romandi's wedding reception was held at Mseni Beach Lodge and I had been at the very same place 9 years ago on my honeymoon...so it was also sentimental for me to be at the wedding! Their wedding ceremony was held on the main beacj were they launch the boats for the fishing and diving excursions. 

I arrived on Friday at Mseni Beach Lodge, and the wedding was on Saturday...so I told Romandi I have this crazy idea where I want to photograph her dress with sunrise on Saturday...and OH MY WORD....it was magical! And they also agreed to do a Trash The Dress shoot on Sunday, which was also SUPER MAGICAL! So I experienced two magical sunrises out of the 3 days...

It was hard work with little sleep...but it definitely paid off! 

And funny enough...when I go home and my clients is over the moon with going the extra mile...that is when I feel I have succeeded in delivering an amazing service. It's almost as if the photos is an added bonus! AND BOY OH BOY...the photos is out of this world!

Enough said. Here's a few photos from this weekend!