The Hugo family | Lifestyle session | Lynnwood, Pretoria

The Hugo family | Lifestyle session | Lynnwood, Pretoria

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” Jane Howard

Raymond and Christina are old friends of mine. We know each other from Varsity days, event before I was a way back. One of our very cool memories at our wedding, which was 9 years ago, was when they gave us a very huge swimming towel as as wedding gift. was huge...big enough for 2 people...and I just remember how the photographer screamed to "get that thing out of my photo"...yes it was super colorful as well...hehehe...

They are super passionate people and they have the most adorable 2 kids, Eben and Sophia. I did a lifestyle session with them are their home, and their kids were half awake when we started. I didn't plan their session in the kitchen on the floor but I had coffee with them, and we enjoyed coffee on the floor while the kids got to know me and got used to me. I know...most kids love me but when kids are half asleep they prefer their parents...hehehe...

Raymond is a building contractor and loves renovating homes, and recently decided to buy the home they are currently staying in. But he told me, when they bought the home there were so much work that needed to be done that the bank was reluctant to give them a loan. The redid the roof, moved walls, relocated windows...opened up the kitchen and made it super modern. It such a pretty home now and they did such an awesome job. 

I love lifestyle sessions because I get to spend a few hours with people in their homes, doing their thing and preserving beautiful memories for them. You will see in the following photo, having 2 kids isn't for sissies...I mean he is feeding Eben and Sophia at the same time. :)

I also try to take photos of each child in their own room because that is where they feel safe and they relax the most for the photos. Just love Eben's room and I also loved to see how well he, as the older brother, played with his little sister. Precious. He is such a cool and awesome older brother. 

Enough said. Enjoy the photos and please leave a comment at the end!