A colorful shoot with Siann & her family | Studio session

A colorful shoot with Siann & her family | Studio session

“Life is like a box of crayons. John Mayer

I recently did a shoot with Siann and her family in Ruth du Toit's studio. Siann is the Marketing Director of the amazing Oakfield Farm Wedding Venue

I wanted to do a very colourful session with a family of four but with confetti canons and Siann and her family was the perfect fit! Confetti canons are pressurised canisters with pieces of confetti, so when they pop, they shoot confetti. And you get different colours and sizes, and I found the longer ones work better with the shots I wanted to create. Another thing, which I didn't realise, kids don't really like the massive noise these things make...I mean it literally sounds like a gun going off! But it makes cool pictures! 

Siann and her family are such an easy and fun-loving bunch and they are super gorgeous! I just loved having them in front of my lens! After we finished all the confetti canons we played around with the confetti and they had loads of fun throwing each other with the confetti! 

If you want to book a session with me with confetti canons...please get in contact

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