Portrait shoot with Annarika | SARIE Voorbladgesig | Hertford Country Hotel

Portrait shoot with Annarika | SARIE Voorbladgesig | Hertford Country Hotel

"Adornment, what a science! Beauty, what a weapon! Modesty, what elegance!" Gabrielle Chanel in Biarritz, 1920

Annerike is such a beautiful soul inside and out. She asked me to do some portraits for her because she wanted to enter into the SARIE Voorbladgesig competition (PLEASE Click on the link to vote for her!!). 

I had such a wonderful time with her and she is so elegant and easy to photograph. I had some modelling and styling help from Missy. (thank you Missy...almost 90% of the shots were directed by Missy!!) Missy also did the make-up for the shoot and she is most probably the best out there! Her company is Missy Make Up Artist and another amazing thing about Missy is that her own make-up is always done so she doesn't mind to be in the photographs. :)

I always love shooting at Hertford Country Hotel. The venue is painted white on the inside so the creative opportunities in their spaces are endless. If you use off-camera flash the space even doubles up as a studio! Amazing. 

I used a single flash setup. I used my Softbox for Speedlights and Nikon SB-910 flash with Phottix triggers on a lightstand and I used what they call butterfly lighting. The softbox was directly in front of the Annarike's face pointing slightly downward, so the light created a slight shadow under her nose. There were ambient light coming in from her left (photo right). I also tried to point the flash directly into her face so I moved the softbox around depending on how Annarike were standing.  

Here is the make-up preperations with Missy. 

This is the one Annarike selected for the cover. 

And these 2 she also entered. She had to submit 3 images. 

Here are some of the other images we created.