Tyronne & Romandi | Wedding | Sodwana Bay, KZN

Tyronne & Romandi | Wedding | Sodwana Bay, KZN

"I am proud of you when you are proud of yourself...and you can be super proud, Romandi...your wedding is amazing!" Romandi's stepdad, Bertus, at the wedding

Wow, what a wedding! I will remember this one for many years to come. I get emotional at weddings, and I rarely shed a tear, but when Romandi's stepdad gave a speech with his daughter at his side and when he said her own dad would have been proud of her....oh wow...my heart crumbled.

Romandi's dad passed away 21 years ago at Sodwana Bay and she wanted to commemorate him by having her wedding at Sodwana Bay with close family and friends. Romandi made almost all the details herself, and she made sure there were little details of her dad in the details...for instance she made her own flower bouquet with a protea flower (her dad's favourite flower) and added a locket with her dad's photo around the stems of the flowers! Powerful stuff!

Tyronne and Romandi's wedding reception was held at Mseni Beach Lodge and I had been at the very same place 9 years ago on my honeymoon...so it was also sentimental for me to be at the wedding! Their wedding ceremony was held on the main beach were they launch the boats for the fishing and diving excursions, and it was intimate and beautiful! 

The reception was held on the deck of the restaurant, and the view of the sea from there is spectacular. The decor was truly simple yet elegant and the most of the details was done by Romandi herself, and the coordinator at Mseni just styled the way that Romandi wanted it. The lasercut under-plates was given to each guest as a gift to take home. Amazing.

I also loved the Guest Album, where they took a picture of each guest with an Instax camera and glued it in the Album, and each person had to write best wishes to the couple next to their own photo! 

One thing to take into consideration is the fact that none of the decor elements were within reach when you are in Sodwana Bay...so you need to bring everything in your car! a Job well done Romandi!

I arrived on Friday at Mseni Beach Lodge, and the wedding was on Saturday...so I told Romandi I had this crazy idea where I want to photograph her dress at sunrise on Saturday...and OH MY WORD....it was magical! And funny enough...I almost didn't do it. When I woke up at 5am it was dark but you could see the light is starting to show, but it was cloudy. So my first thought was...I am not going to see the sunrise...I will just see clouds. So it took some inner convincing to get up and get it done....to hope to see the sunrise...and I got an even better sunrise than I expected. If there were no clouds, I wouldn't have had these incredible results!

Tyronne & Romandi also agreed to do a Trash The Dress shoot the day after the wedding, which was epic. We were super tired and half asleep, but so worth it. Like in the ads on TV...."Stay tuned for more"! So more on the Trash the Dress in the next blog post!

This wedding was hard work with little sleep...but it definitely paid off! This why I love what I do. So when I go home and my clients are over the moon with going the extra mile...that is when I feel I have succeeded in delivering an amazing service. It's almost as if the photos is an added bonus! AND BOY OH BOY...the photos are out of this world!

The other suppliers involved: Romandi's Dress: Bride&co | Makeup and hair: Be Bella Hair & Makeup | Makeup assistant: Miriska le Roux | Lasercutting: Cheeky Crafts, Laser Cutting | Night gowns: The Wedding Store | Romandi's shoes: Baruch | Custom whiskey glasses: Ludi's Crafts | Flowers: The Flower Market | Bridesmaids dress: Gelique

Enough said. Here's the photos and please leave a comment at the end!