Timothy & Jehdene | Wedding | Birchwood Hotel, Gauteng

Timothy & Jehdene | Wedding | Birchwood Hotel, Gauteng

"Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart, and the sense." —Lap Tzu, Chinese philosopher

"Jehdene arrived in a Bentley and later in the day married a Bentley!"

Timonthy and Jehdene are passionate Christians and their journey together started at Church. They both serve at Church and it was their passion for God and people that drew them together. They are adventurous souls and love the outdoors, and I just love the engagement shoot we did together on the Northcliff Koppie. (click here if you have missed it)

I also remember Jehdene said she and Timothy love music and that music will feature quite a lot at their wedding...and it did! They had their Church band, the Spoken Word Tabernacle (SWT) Band, for the music in the church but also at the reception and they were amazing! I loved it. There is just something special and personal about live music at weddings! The Skosana Family and Band also entertained the guests at the wedding and they were a hit!

Nicky from De Bron Events did the decor and wedding planning and she did a fantastic job. This was one of those weddings were the focus was a little less on the extravaganza of the decor and styling but more on the music and production and it happened flawlessly! Well done!

I must say I never photographed a bride without any make-up, and I don't know what Jehdene does with her skin but its flawless. (Feeewww) Makeup for weddings are for the bride, but man oh man...it helps us as photographers with the editing afterwards...make-up are in fact mostly done to look good on camera and it sometimes seem too much in real life. I have had so many brides who say to their makeup artists they want lighter make-up and then we end up editing their skin quite a lot because we don't want to give our clients photos where they dont look perfect...enough said...Jehdene took a risk...and she has her reasons for not wearing make-up...but her look was flawless nonetheless. Thank you Bianca for Jehdene's beautiful hair. 

I really enjoyed photographed their wedding which they celebrated with family and friends...oh yes! A shout out to the MC Wesley Chetty...he was probably the best MC I have seen. I were laughing and photographing at the same time....well done Wesley!

One thing that stood out for me about their wedding is how serious Timothy took on the oath to be Jehdene's husband...or he surely felt the pressure. It was my first wedding where the groom was late for his wedding...yes...Timothy arrived a few minutes after Jehdene and he had to take some calming medicine before he walked down the aisle to his position in front of the Church. I am sure he is not going to miss that moment, but I know deep in his heart he didn't want to mess up this once-in-a-lifetime moment to marry the girl of his dreams! It also made some crazy cool moments to photograph...real moments photographed beautifully!

Here's a list of the other vendors and suppliers. 

 Church: St Michaels and All Angels Anglican | Reception Venue: The Birchwood Hotel and OR Tambo Conference Centre | Bridal Gown: Magda Moller Designs (oh yes, Jehdene's dress was soooo pretty!) | Cake:  Mel’s Confectionery | Video: SWT Media | Production & Sound Engineering: Sonic State Productions | Wedding Favours:  Eshcol Trading Concepts | Information booklet: Morpha Design | Instagram Photo Printer: Mbongiworks | Popcorn Machine and sweets: Party and Petals

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